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Whether you are looking for a park to hike, picnic spot for family gathering or a place for corporate team building exercise, Cloudland Canyon State Park has it all

Cloudland Canyon State Park

Feb 7, 2014

Ready for some outdoor adventure? Head over to Georgia in a private bus to the Cloudland Canyon State Park, and enjoy a wonderful time reveling in the beauty of nature. Located near Trenton and Cooper Heights on the edge of Lookout Mountain, Cloudland Canyon State Park is one of the largest park in Georgia with the most beautiful scenery.

From the parking lot at the picnic areas, bus rental visitors can see the canyon, and along the rim trail, you can see two waterfalls at the bottom of the gorge, tumbling down layers of sandstone and shale, and ending in small, sparkling pools of water below.

Hiking Trails at the Park

The park has fantastic scenery, which is why it has many hiking trails for mini bus rental visitors to enjoy it from a better vantage point. The trails are well-marked, and there are as many as four extensive hiking trails including one specially marked for backpackers. Moderate in difficulty, hikers can view the millions of years old geology and surroundings of the park. There is even a paved 0.25 miles trail that overlooks the rim of the canyon that wheelchair-bound visitors can enjoy.

The trails at Cloudland Canyon State Park are:

  • The Waterfalls Trail: Consists mostly of gravel and a 600-step staircase, this trail is generally a strenuous hike that takes more than an hour to complete.
  • West Rim Loop Trail: A 4.8 mile long trail, this is rated as moderate in difficulty with some short, steep rocky sections. Offers panoramic views with lots of foliage and flowers along the trail. Cottages, Walk-in Campsites and West Rim is accessible via this trail.
  • Backcountry Loop Trail: This trail gives private bus visitors access to secluded and primitive hike-in campsites while passing through hemlock groves in a 2 mile long trail.
  • Bear Creek Trail: The longest trail in the park, this 9 mile long trail crosses a creek and loops around the northeast portion of the park.

Facilities at the Park

It is not all about roughing out when it comes to enjoying outdoors. There are many facilities and activities offered by Cloudland Canyon State Park that can give you a pretty comfortable outdoor experience. There are camping and lodging facilities such as cottages, as well as 73 tent, trailer and RV sites, 30 walk-in campsites and 11 backcountry campsites for backpackers. There are even water and electricity hookups at certain areas, and bathing facilities are offered close by.

There are also picnic areas that features activity facilities such as group pavilions, tennis courts, children’s playground and even a disc golf course.

To get to Cloudland Canyon State Park with no hassle, rent a charter bus. Call 1-800-304-1993 to get a quote or to book your bus today.