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Mar 21, 2013 - Festival time in Florida with a Private Bus

Sometimes, it is easy to fall into assumption that everyone’s laid-back a.k.a lazy in Florida because it has, admittedly, banked on that vibe for the longest time. The state of Florida, as laidback as they are, are active and very aggressive in organizing a host of arts, crafts and cultural festivals in their bid to attract tourists and charter bus private rental visitors from the parts of the world. And at these festivals, the locals would bring out their own handicrafts and sell them - there are home-made seashells from the Floridian coastline, sampling of local cuisine, hand-blown glass decor and also some home-made sculptor to peak your interest.

Another amazing festival to attend would be the Mount Dora Arts Festival, which have been gaining momentum as a popular Florida tourist destination of sorts. The event is held at central Florida called Mount Dora. The town is a very charming, welcoming and quintessential one that you would find no problem whatsoever falling in love with. The festival which takes place every February, features painting from oil, watercolors, acrylics, and it also features artists’ works of art in the form of photography and sculpturing. On top of all that shameless shopping, there would be endless rounds of entertainment from local and aspiring artistes. We are talking about performances from more than three hundred artistes over the course of the festival. Needless to say, the locals would be all over themselves to show off their favorite local recipe and offer them for sale to visitors and tourists.

When it comes down to the St. Augustine Pirate Gathering, it is always about dressing up in your best pirate costume during your bus private travel and vacation, and making new friends while enjoying good food, music, singing, running along with the parade and....yes, it is all for a good cause too. The three-day event has been attracting bus private charter visitors from all walks of life from all over the world for a very long time and we think it is just going to go on for many more decades to come. It is a form of escape for some and a way to make new friends for others. The lineup of entertainment isn’t the same every year and the organizers believe in keeping things different in order to keep things interesting.

Visitors who are coming in in their rented bus private vehicles are encouraged to let their hair down and give in to the loud sing-alongs. And then at the end of the parade, everyone will get to enjoy the ‘pirates’ reenactment and everyone gets to share their tall tales of being or seeing pirates during their lifetimes.

We assure you that this isn’t all there is to enjoy in Florida, a land known for festivals and larger than life events all year round.